We are Formatiön.

Here is a sample from our portfolio.

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"inspired by nature, the universe

and frequency"

A full branding & eCommerce website design project:

An exciting client with a specific vision challenged us to create strong branding and an art-focused website that really encapsulated their raw and industrial rural seaside surroundings. 
Taking inspiration from cultural artists, traditional craftsmanship and their local community, we created a well tailored brand to reflect the companies ethos and values.

Image by Simon Maage

"Happiness starts here."

A full branding & online booking website design project:

A progressive and modern therapist who wanted to bring their services online in order to reach new clients.

We conducted a full rebrand including logo design, brand colour palette and tone of voice, as well as designing a sleek and fun new website with a pop of colour as requested.


"the filthiest streetfood you never knew you needed"

A website design & business development project:

Already successful in their own right, this client has a very strong brand aesthetic for their exciting street food company.

We were tasked to create a website that reflected their fun and mischevious brand and help to drive sales for the business.

Image by Conor Samuel

"your get together put together"

A full branding, website design & business development project:

This client had a brand new venture when we took them on. They were operationally sound but needed help with all aspects of their branding, copy writing and website.


"a waxing studio for every body"

A full branding, website design, social media & business development project:

This client came to us in search of a complete branding overhaul and assistance with their business development plans. We transformed their business both digitally and physically and helped them to find their voice and business personality.

"earrings that pop!"

A full branding & eCommerce website design project:

An exciting and innovative client specialising in bringing colour to wardrobes through the are of handmade earrings.
We were tasked with creating a bold, colourful brand aesthetic that reflected the confidence and creativity of the brand. An e-commerce site was also created and really elevated the brand helping it to find it's voice and drive sales.

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"vegan scran from the man"

An online restaurant website

design project:

After launching The Field Takeaway on Instagram this small chef team became an instant success. When it came to moving their business forward, preparing to move into commercial kitchens and streamlining their order process, they called us in the create a branded website that has flexible take-away features and provides a smooth customer journey.


"always be Lilith, never Eve"

An eCommerce website design project:

A jewellery design dynamic duo who love to embrace the dark-side of life. Lilith came to us seeking a well designed E-commerce website that would suit their current branding as could really show their unique business personality.